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Czech ghee

We have been producing the ghee – a clarified butter since 2014. We are fully focused on producing the ghee, we learnt how to make only the high quality and the best tasting products. Since the beginning we have been producing ghee manually, because we believe that this is the only way how to achieve the highest quality standards. We strictly choose the raw material for our production and we use only the best quality butter, both in conventional and organic quality. Thanks to new automatic technology implemented in our facility we are able to produce ghee in big quantities even while keeping the manual production.



The Czech Ghee is a family based company founded in 2014. Since the beginning we are fully focused on the production of ghee – clarified butter. Since we started we have learnt how to make a high quality and the best tasting products which bring values to our business partners as well as to customers. We consider ghee as a liquid gold and so that is how we approach it. We have always paid attention to the quality of our products and given them the best care during production.


The Ghee is Sanskrit name for clarified butter, and it has come to us through the Indian cuisine and thousands-year-old Ayurvedic medicine. Currently, it is very popular among supporters of healthy eating, athletes, parents of young children and allergy sufferers. Ghee is not only an excellent source of healthy and high-quality fats but also has demonstrable beneficial effects on our health. It is rightfully ranked among so-called ‘superfood’.
We work with experts in nutrition and thanks to our own research in cooperation with university scientists we have a deep knowledge of the product. Knowing in detail what we produce is the important part of our vision.


In Czech Ghee we produce ghee manually with the highest quality requirements and with respect to the traditional Ayurveda process. Since the beginning we have been keeping the principles of handcraft production because we believe that this is the only way how to achieve the highest quality standards. Even though The Czech ghee has been continuously growing and increasing the capacities, we are faitfhul to our principles and we are definitely going to keep the handmade production to the future.


To be able to meet the demand for our products while keeping the handcraft principles we have equipped our production with modern technology, which is completely tailored to our needs. Once the ghee is produced by the hands of our skilled employees, we leave all other work to automatic technologies. Thanks to combining handcraft and modern technologies we can supply our ghee to the big companies on regular basis while meeting the hiqhest quality standards and long-term stability.


We have learnt a lot about ghee since we started its production. Even though the manufacturing process is still the same, each batch is specific due to actual weather, the butter from which is produced based on the season and many other factors. Our employees in production are skilled, experienced and know how to react and make only the best tasting and high quality ghee in the end of the production process. On the other hand used technologies help us to preciesly control the cooling process to ensure that each batch is the same with required typical ghee texture. We only use fresh and high quality butter in our production from carefully selected sources.


Our ghee is produced manually in small batches while respecting the traditional Ayurveda process. Thanks to unique recipe it has a delicious taste and aroma. Ghee has high smoke point (250°C) and it is perfect for frying, however could be also widely use for daily cooking and baking. Our ghee is lactose- -free and without milk allergens.


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We offer our branded products for an immediate start of cooperation. The combination of our high quality and manually produced ghee with its golden-effect label creates a luxury product with high value.

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Are you interested in having ghee under your own brand? We have a solution for you. We are experienced in doing private labels and we`ll take care of everything for you. We can manage the whole process, Including printing the labels, and supply the final product to you.

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The Ghee is a perfect raw material for your production. It has a lot of beneficial features which could support your product’s innovation. It is lactose-free, without milk allergens, it has a long expiration time and does not need to be refrigerated. But the most important is its unique and excellent taste. Make your prodcuts even better and use ghee as in ingredient. We can produce ghee in any size of bulk packaging according to your needs.

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We are experienced in supplying our products to supermarkets and we believe that ghee is already well known product among customers, so it is the right time to have our manually produced high quality ghee in the shelves of supermarkets. Thanks to the new technology we are ready to supply products regularly in big quantities and from our experiences we are sure that customers will appreciate our ghee a lot and will return for it.


We consider ghee as a liquid gold for its features and healthy benefits. It is a valuable product which brings the high value to all involved parties – to us as the producer, to our business partners and to final customers. I would be glad if you link your business with Czech Ghee company as I see a great potential in ghee products. Do not hesitate and contact me so we can discuss our possible cooperation.